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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 29, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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in the headlines, an oakland neighborhood in mourning after a father is gunned down in front of his own six-year-old son in broad daylight. i'm amy hollyfield live in
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san francisco, bart riders are upset. san francisco police are fed up, and they say expect some action at today's protest. and hurricane irene is gone but the cleanup of the damage she left behind could take months. >> weather-wise, check out beautiful, mount diablo, we're looking for sunrise and warmer weather today but a cooling trend coming your way soon. good morning, sue hall in traffic center. possible bart delays this afternoon because of protests. we'll take a look at transit in a couple minutes. >> it's monday, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> oakland police are offering a big reward in hopes that someone will help lead them to two robbers who shot and killed a father right in front of his six-year-old son yesterday. nick smith is live at the oakland police department with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning.
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he cashed his check and stopped at a grocery store to pick up a few items. two suspects approached him and shot him in front of his six-year-old son. it's unclear whether he hesitated or tried to resist before being shot but the son was not hurt in the crime. they are calling a completely senseless act of violence. esparza's family members say the six-year-old saw the whole thing. >> he was crying and kept repeating to his mom and everybody, my dad got shot right there. the guy appointed and somebody shot him. >> reporter: this morning investigators are still looking for the suspect and as far as the shooting. this stretch of entitled boulevard has seen more share of violence. on august 8th, you remember carlos nava died after suspected gang in ebs on opened fire
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killing a three-year-old in the process. the suspected shooter lawrence denard is in court today. homicide count in oakland stands at 78. last year at the same time it was 59 for the city. once again, crime stoppers has offered a reward for information leading to the arrest in the suspects of jose espar zaf's shooting. a manhunt continues this morning for a gunman who killed the former mayor of fort brag after he apparently stumbled upon a marijuana grow. it happened saturday in rural mendocino county four miles east of fort brag. he was checking on timberland he manages when a gunman shot him. investigators have identified the suspected shooter as aaron bas her. they believe he was guarding the
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potted farm when she shot him. passengers on the train were ultimately transferred on to buses to be taken out of area. >> bart riders need to have their back-up plans ready for the evening commute. san francisco police already have their plan "b" in case demonstrators try to shut down bart stations this evening. it may result in more demonstrators in handcuffs sooner. amy hollyfield is live at civic center bart. amy? >> reporter: some bart ride worries like to see that. there is a new facebook page, commuters take back bart. any sympathy the protestors had with the bart riders for their cause, it seems to be dwindling. this will be the fourth bart protest in a month. they have caused station shutdowns in san francisco. the group are members of anonymous. the demands they want guns taken
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away from bart police and they want them to apologize for shutting down cellphone service during a protest. san francisco police say they will be tougher if problems arise today. a lot of bart riders are applauding this promise. >> i don't think it's okay after people have been working for a while, ten years, i hope they take care of it. i believe police are doing a good job right now. i haven't taken bart much because of the protests. >> the protestors are angry about two things. officer involved fatal shooting of a homeless man in july and bart's decision to shut down the cellphone service during one of the protests. reaction from the protestors is -- we don't take will to threats. er not deterred at all by the police promise to crack down. they say they will still be here at 5:00 this afternoon. in the past they have started at
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civic center station. it had to have been shut down during the demonstration and also impacted the powell is station. look out for them to be on market street where they have stopped traffic while marching. now to the aftermath of hurricane irene. the storm has moved into canada and the east coast is cleaning up. this morning we're getting word that 29 flights have been cancelled at san francisco international airport. vermont has widespread flooding along with other new england states, new york and new jersey. storm has caused at least 24 deaths and millions are without power. new york city's transit city is slowly coming back on line. inspectors must check all subways and trains for damage. all three airports have just reopened after being shut down all weekend. there is a huge bag backlog of passengers after 11,000 flights got cancelled nationwide.
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and now more on irene's impact. >> irene's three-day run caused major damage all along the east coast. in many cities, streets turned into raging rivers. despite being bordered by land, fast moving floodwaters swarms towns around vermont. this nearby brook tripled its width. rising water forced some to leave their homes with little warning. >> they came pounding on our door about 10:30 and said we need to get out. the river was cresting going over the banks. as soon as we looked out it was mayhem down the street. >> some needed help to escape from bought logged homes. >> as you can see the storm beat us. >> the affects of irene are being blamed for more than 20 deaths in eight states. millions are without power. cost of the damage has yet to be calculated.
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>> i want people to understand that this is not over. response and recovery efforts will be an ongoing operation, the impacts of this storm will be felt for some time. the recovery effort will last for weeks or longer. >> fema officials say they are ready to help those impacted by irene. >> let's check in with mike with accu-weather forecast. good morning to you on this monday morning. storm track, area of low pressure pulling away, look what is spilling in its wake. dry air, what you see with the orange right here. that means once we get through the morning hours, shallow marine layer is going to thin quickly and leave us with a lot of sunshine and pretty warm temperatures this afternoon. let's talk about 48 in san rafael, 61 in mountain view, 63 in antioch, everybody else in the 50s.
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most of the clouds around the bay and out to the coast right now. by noon, they'll be back to the coast and by afternoon hours, clearing develop along the north bay and even into the peninsula coast we may see clearing. made to upper 50s half moon bay and san francisco. low to mid 70s, richmond and san mateo. look as you head southbound and northbound, low to mid-80s. cloverdale, clearlake, that is where we see the 90s. see 90s around morgan hill, gilroy, hollister probably about 88 degrees and low to mid 70s santa cruz. sunshine but cloudy and 61 around monterey. >> coolest afternoon will be wednesday and thursday. friday saturday and sunday, temperatures close average and just slightly warmer. good morning. going daly city, sig alert lifted earlier but we have a bit of slowing past alemany.
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emergency crews trying to get the car that went over the embankment. possible bart delays this afternoon due to protests. make arrangements for your commute but everything is on time right now. first reports of an accident westbound 580, two left lanes past grant. bay bridge tolls metering lights remain off and minor backup there. >> was it safe for the spectators? >> stealing spy secrets. china is red in the face. >> and massive fire that is forcing evacuations inside yosemite national park.????'
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good morning, it's monday. 6:14. let's take you high above the clouds on mount tam. you can see sun is about to rise. we're going to have a gorgeous warm day once the clouds clear up for us. when will it happen? we'll talk to mike about that and check in with sue hall about the traffic. >> this weekend the n.f.l. chief of security praised the oakland raiders for the efforts they have taken over the past few years to improve fan safety at
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the coliseum. jeff miller visited both stadiums in the wake of violence at candlestick park. raiders adopted the n.f.l.'s fan code of conduct in 2008 while bringing in more oakland police officers and alameda county sheriff's deputies to monitor fan behavior. >> there won't be any changes necessarily. they are going to execute the plan in the way that we've done it. they are doing a great job for us. >> miller credited san francisco police for bringing in extra officers for the exhibition game against houston. there were no reports of any serious problems in either of the weekend's games. >> about hundred people have been ordered to leave their homes as a wildfire burns along highway 140 outside of yosemite national park. evacuations happened, the fire is burning in a steep and rugged
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area and forced the evacuation of two campgrounds and closure of the highway. the fire is 35% contained and burned more than 4,000 acres so far. 6:15. see how the winds are going. >> they are not too bad. whether it starts the fires or fans them with the outflow of the wind. good news. i don't see it changing much this week. beautiful picture from vollmer peak, east bay hills and lovely silhouette of mount diablo as we look off to the east. sun will be coming up in 20 minutes or so. let's talk about temperatures. waiting for you this morning, it's comfortable outside, a lot
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of low to mid-50s, santa rosa and san rafael. 50s around monitor have you voo and antioch. monterey bay and inland, clouds are thicker and drizzle a little more prevalent especially along the coast. temperatures in the low to mid mid 50s. highlights, we'll see a lot of sunshine and keep temperatures pretty close to average which is pretty close to what happened yesterday. more clouds tonight. tonight is when the changes begin. we'll have more coastal drizzle tomorrow and the clouds signify slight change in the air mass that will bring a cooling trend for the middle part of this week. today could be one of the warmer days over the next couple. compared to average, 5 degrees warmer in livermore and exactly right on in napa and oakland, 2 degrees cooler in redwood city and san francisco. let's talk about what is happening outside into the next couple hours, late push into the south bay and north bay by 8:00.
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9:00 everything is pulling back to the coast. by noon it's there and afternoon hours, northwesterly wind along the coast. you can see the clearing taking place from north to south. still be in the 50s but at least sunny 60s, 70s and 90s for the rest of us. >> low to mid-80s in the south, 88 in los gatos. heading up the peninsula, start in the 80s to low 70s in millbrae. low to mid 56's along the coast. upper 50s to near 70 in downtown san francisco. about 20 degrees cooler at your beaches. 90s in clearlake and cloverdale and ukiah. 70s for the east bay shore. low to mid 90s in the east bay valleys with upper 80s around dub lip and walnut creek. 88 in hollister and low 90s gilroy. mid-60s around carmel. low to mid-70s for the rest of
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the monterey bay. giants still in town, the cubs, comfortable 65 coming down to 60. you'll see away from the coast, drop 6-8 degrees from wednesday to thursday. two coolest days. >> here is sue. >> good morning everyone. accident cleared on the shoulder westbound 580 as you heading around the altamont pass. a bit of grind into the dublin pleasanton area. very heavy as you head westbound. northbound 880, accident on lanes 12 and 3, this is involving a tow truck and two or three other cars. showing a little bit of slowing as you head in the northbound direction from hayward up to san leandro. see a couple of lanes blocked for you. golden gate bridge, reconfigured fog coming out of the waldo tunnel. no significant slowing, bay
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bridge toll plaza, metering lights, traffic is backed up to the caltrans parking lot. for all the information, go to is the website. scroll down to bay area traffic on the lower left hand of the commuter screen. >> a major security leak out tightly controlled chinese military. a general discussing top secret spying cases was posted on youtube. a general was seen talking about sensitive topics including the former ambassador to south korea who had been sentenced for corruption and had passed secrets to south korea. the video has apparently been removed from youtube. the transcripts remain no comment from chinese defense machine industry. >> clipping coupons, sudden change of plan for the social network. >> and buzz moment in the video music awards. the singer made a huge
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announcement by saying absolutely nothing at all. i've got nothing against these do-it-yourself
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good monday morning, 6:24. facebook is getting out of the daily discount business after a four-month trial. it says there is a lot of potential for driving people to local businesses and it will continue to explore these opportunities but not in this form. it's a bit surprising showing
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that half of all-american adults are now on social networking sites and third of babyboomers check in daily. >> katie perry walked away with the top award but beyonce who stole the show not what she said but what she did. she ended her performance taking off her jacket and rubbed her belly to let fans know she is pregnant. her husband cheered on his wife and in an instant, they managed to upstage everybody. katie perry got video of year. britney ni spears for best pop video. foo fighters for best rock video and lady gaga and justin beiber
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had best male video. she had to give up those heels as she gets bigger. >> eventually, not just yet. >> 6:25, still ahead, travelers who are now being told that hurricane irene could keep them a week longer than they expected. >> and visions of a new bridge light show that is going to give bay area drivers of what the next bay bridge will look like starting today. >> plus, two fires at a san jose home just days after a murder at the same location. why neighbors say the home has been a source of terror for months. >> and the deadly shooting that has closed a concord park this morning. >> so far all of our major airports running on time but there are flight cancellations into the east coast. make sure check out flight tracker at
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> good morning, trading is under way. 6:30 on wall street. despite the damage done by hurricane irene this weekend. trading is back on but the new york stock exchange isn't sure how many traders made it to work there. it's how long the east coast will recover from hurricane irene. we'll get the latest coming up in about 15 minutes. right now we have this news
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for you. another monday means another bart protest. activists angry over a bart police shooting and cellphone shut down are threatening to crash the evening commute. san francisco police say they have had enough and they are making threats of their own. amy hollyfield is live at civic center bart station. >> reporter: riders out here we've talked to can't even tell us what the cause is. they can't even tell us why the protestors are out here. they don't care anymore. they say they are just sick of them interrupting the evening commute. there has been a facebook page created, commuters take back bart. police are concerned about all the anger out here, they will move in more quickly than they have in the past. they say they support the rights to protest but their job is to keep everyone safe. riders rerelieved that police will be more involved.
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>> they focus more on the people that aren't interested in the protest, who will be out here causing trouble. me working in the area, i'm constantly noticing like 80% of the people are just here to cause trouble or whatever. >> reporter: members of the group anonymous promise there will be a protest every week until their demands are met including taking guns away from bart police and firing the bart police chief and agency's spokesman. so the protest is scheduled for 5:00 at civic center station. in the past it shut down the station and caused problems at powell station. you can also probably check to see expect to see protestors marching on market street. thanks a lot. 6:32. >> what has been tropical storm irene has crossed over into canada but they expect to be
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cleaning up for weeks or even months. at least 26 deaths are being reported now or being blamed on irene, we're getting that figure in. in vermont the governor says flooding is the worst in century. the situation has improved at the state capitol where authorities feared that upstream dam may fail. the transit system are coming back online. three major airports resumed service, laguardia and j.f.k. were closed. 1500 flights are cancelled and out it could be days and weeks before some of the 4.35 million without electricity get it back. john hendron has more on irene's impact. >> reporter: new england took irene's final punch. >> i know it would be once in a lifetime sight. >> after ravaging the states, it
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battered through the northeast's biggest cities, philadelphia, new york and boston. 65 million americans brace forward an epic disaster of hurricane, winds and water. at the most ferocious, winds reached 115 miles an hour but what killed the most people was a hazard in their own backyard. >> it was so dark, i heard the tremendous crash. my first thought was my wife who was 15 feet away from where the tree came down. >> reporter: 4.35 million homes and businesses have gone dark. more than 20 americans died. >> first let me say this is a storm that has claimed lived. my thoughts and prayers are with those that lost loved ones. those whose lives have been affected by the storm, you need to know america will be with you. >> reporter: many other states, dramatic rescues, in new jersey five teenagers were saved by firefighters. >> we didn't realize the current
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was as strong as it was. we came up, we realized how strong it was. >> after irene came through, the landscape was transformed. this is before and this the bay after. >> here at the southern tip of manhattan, sun has risen on the statue of liberty and there is very little evidence of the surge that came over the seawall but up and down the coast this is a recovery effort that will not last days or weeks but months. 6:35 now. this morning, at least 29 flights have been cancelled so far at san francisco international airport. the airlines cancelled 46 departures from sfo to the east coast yesterday. passengers left stranded by weekend flight cancellations could be stuck for days. they now have to wait to be rebooked on flights because of labor day holiday. some found themselves stranded. >> we'll probably have to go to
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another hotel and stay there and come back here and see if we can get a flight out. >> we strongly suggest that passengers check with their airlines either via airlines website or reservation offices to check the status of their flight. >> they say it may take up four days for them to restore full schedule of flights. 6:35. investigators are trying to determine the cause of two fires that broke out in the same house within hours of each other. that house was the scene of a homicide three days ago. it started around 4:30 yesterday morning in san jose. firefighters put it out within a few minutes. second fire broke out in the house's garage after 11:15 a.m. and damaged a neighboring property. it's the same location where a 52-year-old woman was murdered during a domestic dispute on friday. they are searching for the suspect in that case. he is described as a transient
6:37 am
who spent a lot of time in downtown san jose. one neighbor says the house was constant source of problems and nobody seemed to be doing anything about it. >> we've trying could call everybody. we called the city. we've called the mayor's office. everyone seems to be sympathetic but nobody is doing anything. basically the whole neighborhood is terrorized. >> right now police in concord are investigating a deadly shooting at popular park. shooting happened in hillcrest park around grant road around 10:00 last night. one man was killed. according to a website, police have detained one man. several bay area police agencies are helping out in the investigation. public access to hillcrest park remains limited this morning
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while investigators continue to collect evidence. >> the final sections of the new eastern span of the bay bridge are expected to arrive from china today. 5,000 tons of steel will be hoisted into place all but xleekt the new deck. it will be finished ahead of schedule and just in time for the hosting of america's cup in september of 2013. their woke or is being done ahead of schedule out of concerns of seismic safety and not because of the yacht race. they just want it done and schedule sounds good for them. >> you can see it tonight and how it's going to look and it will be really magnificent. >> and we've got a few clouds. >> just in the bay and along the coast. causing flight arrival delays of 55 minutes at sfo.
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those have just developed. check out flight tracker at the top of the page at good morning to you. here is a look at the cloud cover. you can see it down the coast and coast will see a little sunshine this afternoon from north to south along with the rest of us. temperatures this morning, running from one degree cooler in san jose to exactly the same in mountain view and also santa rosa, 1-4 degrees warmer elsewhere. we are starting up higher. all due to the cloud cover and light winds. we barely see much of a breeze around sfo and winds in fairfield, only 15 miles an hour. that very the clouds are mainly in the bay this morning and be there at 8:00 and temperatures still be in the 50s to low 60s. clouds will be hanging around the coast. mid-50s oakland, palo alto and san rafael. a lot of 70s deeper to the east. coast in low to mid-50s. 79 in palo alto and 80 fierce
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everybody else around the bay. south bay and north bay and near 90 in east bay valleys. today is one of warmer days in the forecast because a cooling trend starts tomorrow. wednesday and thursday will be the coolest days, six degrees cooler than today. >> good morning. hot spot, san leandro towards hayward this morning, northbound 880 a sig alert into effect, multi-car accident the one we've been telling you about involving a tow truck and two to three other cars, two middle lanes are blocked. stop and go towards san leandro and authorities are telling us at least until 7:00 before they can get that accident cleared out. farther south, southbound 101 santa clara before bowers great america parkway, we don't see any significant slowing with our sensors but keep an eye on it for you. 680 concord towards walnut creek bunching toward the 24 junction. bay bridge, metering lights are on, traffic is backed towards
6:41 am
the west grand overcrossing. sue, thanks very much. >> a bright spot after a bad storm, why hurricane irene could lower the price you pay at the gas pump and big impact on the stock exchange this morning. we'll have a live look at the big board, the dow is rallying pretty well. 161 points up. >> and look how some found the lighter side to hurricane irene. >> and courted battle that could give a new view over the california's ban on same-sex marriage. >> reporter: a man is shot and killed in broad daylight in front of his six-year-old son. police are calling it a senseless act of violence. i'm nick smith live in oakland. i'll have that story coming up.ú
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welcome back. 6:45, all is quiet on live doppler 7-hd. a lot of sunshine and warm weather, a lost areas, from upper 80s to low hundreds, fresno, 83 and sunshine around tahoe. san diego, upper 80s and mid-80s in l.a. 113 in palm springs. tomorrow, the national transportation safety board will
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give a final report on last september's pipeline explosion in san bruno. eight people were killed and 38 homes were destroyed. federal investigators will discuss their findings at the hearing along with recommendations for state regulators to upgrade california's natural gas distribution system. the state has ordered pg&e to reduce pressure in some of the older pipelines and conduct system wide tests. last friday they proposed upgrades $2 billion with customers bearing 90% of cost. >> they are set to release proposition 8 trial. they want the court to seal the record from going the trial. opponents argue that the videos make accurate recording of a quote of a trial of significant importance. the judge recorded the trial for
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his own use after supreme court blocked his plans to have the proceedings available on a live feed. on he overturned prop 8 last year. it's 6:46. while the east coast recovers from the effects of hurricane irene, the storm could have positive effect on gas prices. >> now with a look at early trading. >> good morning. wall street is open for business today. it was spared from the worst of hurricane irene, investors are reacting go to personal spending 1% in july and consumer spending biggest driver of the economy. so that report could boost the markets this morning. we are seeing the dow up 170 points right now. s&p 500 and nasdaq up by 1.5%. bloomberg silicon valley index is strong right now. good news, the price of gasoline
6:48 am
managed to avoid any impact from the hurricane. spokesperson says it may drive prices down because people on the east coast may be losing less and spend more time at home. this will take time for things to get back to normal. meanwhile, in san francisco, you are paying 3.89 a georgia according to aaa. hollywood did take a hit from irene because hundreds of theaters were closed all along the east coast. they say lost ticket sales could add up to $25 million. and finally, sales of solar panels shining brightly these days, one thing that china needs exports climbing 80% last year because of higher chinese demand according to solar panel
6:49 am
industries. back to hurricane irene, some people tried to make the most of the storm's aftermath. one group took up street surfing. a group of friends in maryland, they say this isn't as dangerous as it looks because the car they are tied to is only going about ten miles an hour but officials warn that it's hard to tell what kind of debris may be hiding under the you what. they and they definitely don't recommend this type of activity. is that an understatement. >> definitely, definitely. that is two. >> they are recovering and here we've got calm weather, very nice, you like it warm. >> in parts of the bay area, we move into latter parts of august and in september. september 1 of warmest months in san francisco. here is a beautiful picture of some of the clouds, thin clouds causing flight arrival delays into sfo.
6:50 am
flight tracker at the top of the page at temperatures will be pretty close to normal. right now because of the cloud cover, mainly 50s around. few 50s, mountain view and antioch. monterey bay, clouds more drizzle and temperatures cooler in the low to mid-50s. sunshine, just about everywhere in the afternoon, even the coast will get pockets of it developing that will keep temperatures near average or normal for this time of the year. more clouds tonight, move to a transition for a cooling trend that will bring more drizzle into our forecast and cooling trend will be strongest or deepest during the middle part of the week. for today, 24-hour temperature change, fremont up one degree. concord the same, san jose, santa rosa, oakland and san francisco, 2-4 degrees warmer. low to mid 90s through most of the east bay valleys.
6:51 am
close to needing that air conditioner. pleasant weather along east bayshore, 70 in richmond, oakland 74 and uncomfortable 80s around castro valley and fremont. low to mid-80s in south bay. los gatos even warmer at 88. 72 in millbrae and 77 at menlo park. palo alto and redwood sit around 80 degrees. low to mid 50s with most of clouds here along the coast. we'll see more sunshine in fact sunshine will break out from north to south along coast today. mid-60s in the north bay, 20 degrees warmer in your valleys. low to mid-80s, 30 degrees warmer in cloverdale and clearlake in the low to mid 90s. a. >> more sunshine around santa cruz, watsonville, low to mid-60s then monterey, carmel 50s. giants game, at&t park, 7:15,
6:52 am
cubs are in town, let's beat up on them. comfortable conditions, 65 dropping down to 60. here is a look at our temperatures for tonight. 50s and drizzle mainly along the coast. look for the clouds to move farther inland than they did this morning. that is the cooling trend that will drop our temperatures away from the coast. about 6-8 degrees by wednesday and that will hold into thursday and possibly slightly warmer for friday and saturday. dry other than the drizzle all seven days of the forecast. good morning, slow grind westbound 580 out of the central valley. couple earlier problems out of the lanes but the slow traffic remains all the way up and over the altamont pass into the dublin, pleasanton interchange. good news, northbound 880. earlier sig alert has been lifted. accident at marina boulevard cleared at the shoulder. still some slowing as you travel northbound toward san leandro. we do have an new accident
6:53 am
reported southbound 880 at mowery, no significant slowing as you drive toward newark. live look at bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is bunched to the caltrans parking lot. metering lights are on. check out our website at scroll down to bay area traffic and you should everything you need to know. it's 6:53. recapping our top stories, oakland police are offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of two men who shot and killed a father in broad daylight right in front of his six-year-old son. >> nick smith is live at the police department with the latest. police say jose esparza cashed a check, bought a few items from the grocery store, was approached by two men and that is when the crime happened. police are calling the crime senseless and extremely violent. it's unclear if he hesitated for
6:54 am
tried to resist before being shot but investigators say that his son was not hurt in the crime. they are once again calling senseless. family members say the six-year-old saw the whole thing play out. investigators are still looking looking in the shooting. they say the 39-year-old was shot to death in the middle afternoon in front of his son in an attempted robbery. this stretch of international boulevard has seen more of its share of violence. on august 20th a four-year-old was shot in the arm. on august 8th. carlos nava died after suspected gang members opened fire on suspected gang members. the suspected shooter lawrence denard is expected in court today to enter a plea. the homicide count stands at 78. last year at the same time it was 59 for the city. crime stoppers has offered a reward for information leading to the arrest in the shooting of
6:55 am
jose esparza. we go live to amy hollyfield in san francisco with the other top story. >> reporter: good morning. we are hearing from some frustrated bart riders this morning, not only are they dreading this afternoon's planned protest but some are asking them to fight back. there is a facebook page, riders take back bart. this will be the fourth protest in a month. organizers promise they will have one every week until their demands are met including disarming bart police. the fatal shooting of a homeless man by a bart police officer. bart's decision to shut down cellphone service during a protest. police promised today they will move in quicker than they have in the past. so they expect that today's protest will look different. they are going to their best from interfering people's commute.
6:56 am
it's schedule for 5:00 and start in bart civic station here in san francisco. in the past it has spread to the powell station and also impacted traffic up here on market street. checking other top stories. tropical storm irene is moving into canada but the powerful storm killed at least 28 people in eight u.s. states. authorities in vermont are dealing with the worst flooding in a century. airports and subways are reopening but the backlog is enormous. 12,000 flights were cancelled nationwide. and look at this picture. you know we found some. >> sfo, 55 minute flight arrival delays. clouds are mainly at the coast. that is where they will stay the next couple of hours before retreating away. that will keep our temperatures in the 50s and 60s. they will retreat at the coast from time to time from north to south. expect sunshine in the north bay
6:57 am
beaches and pockets around half moon bay and those areas. 90 ace inland. that is where it's going to be warmest. 90s in the north bay and south bay. southbound 80, mowery a little bit of slowing, sig alert lifted on northbound 880 at marina. some slowing toward san leandro. possible bart delays due to protests at the civic center station. all right now is quiet. no problems with public transit. last look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is backed up to the west grand overcrossing. not a bad ride. thank you for joining us. >> back with a local update at 7:24. join us at 11:00. have a great day
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